Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday Update

Hey all! Well here is the update. I went to the dr. this am. I am at about 3cm, not too much change there. He is lower than last thurs. She put me on the monitor in here office, and I was having contractions about every 6 min. SOOOO she sent me back to the hospital again. She just wanted me to get fluids and an injection to make sure it was not the real thing before sending me home. I had fluids and an injection and hung out in labor and delivery for a while. I kept contracting but they were a bit further apart, so yeah sent home. Which was good b/c I was starving. I will remain on bed rest until the end of the week. I will go back to the dr. at the end of the week. She did change my meds. b/f I was taking it only as needed, now I will take it every 8 hours. So hopefully Reed will hang in there until the end of the week or longer. My mom is possibly coming here this weekend, so she may get to be here for the big arrival. Thanks for all of your thoughts,Katie


The Paynes said...

Well, since Reed cancelled our last lunch, do you want me to bring you lunch tomorrow? We can have our lunch date at your house!

Jason White Family said...

Don't eat Mexican! El Porton played a part in Hudson's and Collier's arrivals!

Miss Fiveash said...

hey!! i am praying for you and baby reed! please let me know if i can do anything for you!!