Sunday, June 1, 2008

Baby Reed Update #1

Well we have begun the final count down. Reed will be here before we know it. The doctor said last week that if I don't go into natural labor that she will induce me on the 11th or the 14th of July. Wow! Can you believe it. After almost two years of trying for this baby and now 9 months of pregnancy, I WILL BE A MOMMY! I have been feeling really pretty good, the only issue is sleeping. But now that school is out I can nap. So I will survive, plus I know it is just the beginning of no sleeping. The dr. does have me monitoring my glucose levels for the next week, b/c they have been up a bit. I will go back on Thur. for her to check them out again. So please do not come near me with chocolate cake or you might die! In the mean time to not think of chocolate cake I have been working in Reed's room. Which I must say is the cutest nursery ever, just as he will be the cutest baby ever. You will notice in the pictures that this kid is not hurting when it comes to clothes. I had to take two pictures to get them all in. We have also hung a couple of things on the wall. His art work should be finished this week so check back to see it. I will keep you updated. Smiles,Katie

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