Monday, June 30, 2008

Reed Update

Well we went from keeping the little man in to nothing much happening. We had an ultra sound today and he weighs 7 lbs. He has a fat little face and belly. I am still 3 cm and not much has changed. She scheduled me for an induction on July 14th at 4am (I am not crazy about that time). But it just happens to be the birthday of my good friend Abbie. (So that is kinda fun). So in the mean time we will see if he decides to come on his own. I go back to the Dr. on Mon. Smiles, Katie

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Reed update

I went to the Dr. yesterday and all is well. I am still just a little over 3 cm. She said that I have thinned out a little bit but not much. So yeah we cooked him long enough. Now the Dr. is worried that he is going to be too big. She said that she thinks he will be over 8.5 lbs if I go full term. OH MY GOSH! She is going to do an ultrasound on Monday to check and see how big he is, and then make a decision about what to do with me and him. SO in the mean time I am in full nesting mode. Smiles,Katie

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Tuesday (I think) !

I think it's Tuesday. My days are a little off, but I could tell you what time it is by what is on TV. Reed's room is done. Yeah! We hung the last pictures last night. Don't tell the dr., but I went upstairs to watch. So here are the pictures of the cutest nursery ever. Smiles,Katie

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Update

So yeah it's Friday. I went to the dr. yesterday. She said that I can quit taking the meds. (they were starting to make me feel yucky), but I still have to be on bed rest until the 23rd. I have not dilated anymore since Mon. so that was good. I also checked to see if floating in a pool counts as bed rest and she said sure. So I spent the day floating in my neighbors pool with my friend Kathy which was the BEST. Although I think he gained 10 pounds as I got out of the pool. Heavy belly! I also added a pictures here of Hemmingway and my belly. This is the position that he remains in while in bed with me all day. I think he will be very upset when his baby pillow is gone.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday Update

Hey all! Well here is the update. I went to the dr. this am. I am at about 3cm, not too much change there. He is lower than last thurs. She put me on the monitor in here office, and I was having contractions about every 6 min. SOOOO she sent me back to the hospital again. She just wanted me to get fluids and an injection to make sure it was not the real thing before sending me home. I had fluids and an injection and hung out in labor and delivery for a while. I kept contracting but they were a bit further apart, so yeah sent home. Which was good b/c I was starving. I will remain on bed rest until the end of the week. I will go back to the dr. at the end of the week. She did change my meds. b/f I was taking it only as needed, now I will take it every 8 hours. So hopefully Reed will hang in there until the end of the week or longer. My mom is possibly coming here this weekend, so she may get to be here for the big arrival. Thanks for all of your thoughts,Katie

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sooner than later...

Well as most of you know by now we had a bit of a scare this week. It all started with a dr. visit on Thursday. The visit was supposed to be to check my glucose levels, which were fine. But soon turned into me telling her about the contractions I thought I was having, so she examined me. Well opps, a little more than 2cm. So she was a bit concerned b/c I was still only in my 33rd week. So she sent me over to the hospital to get steroid shots,ultra sound and to be monitored overnight. It all started off kinda ok. Then next thing we knew the contractions were 3 min. apart, and then nurse came running in with meds to stop the labor. They worked very quickly. So I was later moved to a room to observe. I had more contractions and got more meds but they were not as bad the original ones from down stairs. So that happened a couple more times before we left Fri evening. Before we left they gave me another test that kinda gives them an idea if he is coming in the next week or two. The results were good, so they sent me home with meds and strict bed rest. I am supposed to go to the dr. mon. to check me out again. So we got home all seemed well. Then I started contracting at about 1:15 am until 6:00. Yeah not much sleeping. I talked to the dr. at about 3:30 and she said to watch it and intensity. If if was getting worse to go back to the hospital. So luckily they slowed. Plus I had HORRIBLE heartburn. So she thinks they may have been feeding off each other. Heartburn,contraction,heartburn contraction! You get the idea. So now it's 11:45 and I have a couple more contractions between 9:40 and now,but not as regular. So to say the least Reed may be here sooner than July 20th. The dr. wants to try and keep him in another week or two, and then she was fine to deliver him. So well try our hardest to keep him there. It is going to be a long week, if goes like last night for the next 7 days. So I will keep you all posted. Thank you everyone for sweet thoughts and concerns. And to those of you who came to visit. Smiles and fingers crossed, Katie

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Belly 33 weeks

Here is the BIG belly at 33 weeks! Oh my! I never would have thought that I would look like this.

Baby Reed Update #1

Well we have begun the final count down. Reed will be here before we know it. The doctor said last week that if I don't go into natural labor that she will induce me on the 11th or the 14th of July. Wow! Can you believe it. After almost two years of trying for this baby and now 9 months of pregnancy, I WILL BE A MOMMY! I have been feeling really pretty good, the only issue is sleeping. But now that school is out I can nap. So I will survive, plus I know it is just the beginning of no sleeping. The dr. does have me monitoring my glucose levels for the next week, b/c they have been up a bit. I will go back on Thur. for her to check them out again. So please do not come near me with chocolate cake or you might die! In the mean time to not think of chocolate cake I have been working in Reed's room. Which I must say is the cutest nursery ever, just as he will be the cutest baby ever. You will notice in the pictures that this kid is not hurting when it comes to clothes. I had to take two pictures to get them all in. We have also hung a couple of things on the wall. His art work should be finished this week so check back to see it. I will keep you updated. Smiles,Katie