Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Update

So yeah it's Friday. I went to the dr. yesterday. She said that I can quit taking the meds. (they were starting to make me feel yucky), but I still have to be on bed rest until the 23rd. I have not dilated anymore since Mon. so that was good. I also checked to see if floating in a pool counts as bed rest and she said sure. So I spent the day floating in my neighbors pool with my friend Kathy which was the BEST. Although I think he gained 10 pounds as I got out of the pool. Heavy belly! I also added a pictures here of Hemmingway and my belly. This is the position that he remains in while in bed with me all day. I think he will be very upset when his baby pillow is gone.

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MJamerson said...

Awww! Katie you are doing great!