Sunday, August 14, 2011


So on Reed's actual birthday we drove 10 hours in the car to Chicago, which is just what he wanted for his big day. We had a wonderful trip. I was very impressed by the city. Here are lots of pics of our vacay.

Pumping gas at the children's meseum.

Daddy and Reed at the harbor. We sat forever watching the boats and wishing we were on them.

Playing with water at Children's Mesuem.

Getting ready to build a tower with mommy.

Our family in the bean.

The bean. A very wierd piece of art.

Reed digging fossils.

Reed making chocolate at the Hershey's factory. (Pretend)

Daddy and Reed at the Zoo.

Reed at the top of the ferris wheel on Navy Pier.

Reed running wild on Navy Pier.

Showing all of his chocolate at the Hershey factory.

Daddy catching the wild man.

Mommy and Reed at Buckingham fountain.

Living it up in our hotel. Eating popcorn and watching the ipad.

We stopped at Lander's on the way there. They are famous for their thrown rolls and yummy food.
So there you have our trip. Sorry the pics are wayyyy out of order not sure how that happened, and I am too lazy to fix it now. Hope you enjoyed. Up next Reed's Birthday party!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Out of the blog loop! Sorry

Reed and his buddy A playing on the slip and slide. We went to A's house for a cook out and swim on the 4th, but ended in no swim and thunderstorms. But everyone still had a good time.

Mommy and Reed watching the big band play at the park before fireworks.

Daddy made Reed a very cool race car cake for his big day. It was cool looking and even cooler tasting.

Mommy and Daddy bought Reed this fab tractor. His whole world is tractors and trains.

So we have been out of the blog loop due to a crazy summer here so I am going to back it on up and first show you Reed's actual 3rd birthday and 4th of July.