Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Reed is a BIG boy!

Reed and I both went to the Dr. on Monday. He had to go have his belly button checked on, because the umbilical cord had still not fallen. Dr. Higg put silver nitrate on it, and poof it was gone the next morning. YEAH! He weighed 8.3 lbs. He is growing like a weed. He has now outgrown 2 sleepers. So sad. He has also started to smile at us a bit. I will hopefully get a picture of this soon, but you never know when one will pop up. Enjoy the pictures. KatieReed and Dr. Cyrus ( she delivered him). He is screaming at her just like he did last time he saw her at delivery. Ha ha !
Reed and I playing on the floor. Right before Nick took the picture he had just pooped all down my leg as he sat on my lap. Oh yeah motherhood.

Snug as a bug in his fighter pilot chair. He is getting to big, check out the cheeks.

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