Sunday, August 24, 2008

7 Weeks Old

Big Smiles

Big smile, almost a laugh.

Reed is 7 weeks old. This past week was a bit of a challenge with the little man. He has become so aware of his surondings that getting him to go to sleep during the day is hard. So napping was not his forte this week. Hopefully this time period has passed. Reed went to his first wedding reception on Friday, and was the hit of the party. We didn't do much else this week due to the fact that I didn't think people would want to be around us in our fussy state.

Now a note about Reed's PJ's. The pj's that Reed is wearing in these pictures I bought in the Fall of '05 before we were even trying to start a family. I was out shopping and of course couldn't pass them up with all the doggie bones on them. I hide them in my bedside table from Nick, becasue I was going to use them as part of the surprise for Nick when I was prego. (But that didn't happen) As most of you know it was a long time before we did become pregnant, so these Pj's had began to haunt me. Every time I saw them I was reminded that we had no baby. At times I was going to get rid of them, but then would hold on to them anyway. And I am so glad I did. SO now 3 years later they are being worn by our angel. I just had to share this, because he is about to out grow them and they will once again be put away. (Until his brother or sister gets to wear them).

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