Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Newest Sycamore Lion

Dr. Butler and her new grand baby
Aunt Lisa Lov'n on her baby.
Today Reed went to school. He was so excited to meet all the people who were talking to him for 8 months. We spent the whole afternoon at the school. I had originally just gone to have lunch and then go, but to say the least I was there until 4:45. (Just like in the olden days.) Reed and I helped the teachers get ready for school next week. It was great for me to get OUT of the house and talk to GROWN ups for a change. A part of me really wishes I was at school preparing my own classroom. I just love what I do soooo very much. I will miss my co workers and the kids so very badly.


Yvette Bordelon said...

I knew it. You will be back next year.

Louise said...

Katie - Reed will be too much fun to come back and you'll be pulled in every direction by 19 kids. The zoo is wonderful in the fall, sleeping in, dog walks with Reed being pulled (right). Give it a few years then come back.

Miss you lots