Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A great weekend, a not so great game.

Nick and I went to Fort Worth this past weekend to see our team play. Gig'em Aggies! We had a great time visiting with our wonderful friends Matt and Yvette. We also got to see Sandy, Will, and Josh. The weekend was great. We relaxed and had lots of grown up time. Reed stayed with Nana and Papa. The stadium was amazing, but the game was far from amazing. Ouch, our first loss. Tear, tear. And to add to our misserary it was raining too.

Me after the game with major depression and a bit wet from the walk to the car. Sad day!

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Claire said...

I was there as well! And I'd have to disagree...the game was AMAZING!!!!! WOOOOO PIG SOOIEEE!!!! GO HOGS GO!

okay i'm done rubbing it in.

the rain was terrible though!