Monday, October 5, 2009

15 Months

Reed is 15 months old today. He is doing so many new things. His vocabulary has really developed this last month. He says: "Dada", "Mama", "Dayyy-z", "Denk" (drink), "nack" (snack), "nana", "dena" (dinner). He makes sounds for things too, "vroom" (car), "maaw" (cat), "mmmm" (cow). He is also dancing and trying to jump. He loves to play ball with Hemi, playing with cars and balls. He loves to watch "Yo Gabba Gabba" and a couple of other shows but that one is his fav. He also continues to build with blocks and attempt puzzles. He has a new strong interest in his books. He loves to eat peas and fruit. He has become very expressive to his wants and needs. He is so much fun and I just love'm to pieces.

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