Monday, January 26, 2009

Reed's Grandma has a Farm E-I-E-I-O!!!

We went to visit Grandma this weekend. We meet Aunt Sandy and Uncle Josh in Little Rock and they went to Grandma's with us. Grandma has lots of fun animals at her house. There were baby lambs, goats, and she expecting baby calves any minute. ( They actually came right after we left) It was really chilly so we didn't get to play outside as much as we had hoped. But it was fun to visit with family. Enjoy the pictures.
Reed and Aunt Sandy.

Reed being a ham for the camera. It is a new favorite past time of his.

Reed with Uncle Josh and Aunt Sandy. Don't they look good holding a baby?

Reed and the baby goat staring at each other through the door.

Reed and Uncle Josh

Reed and Grandma

Reed and Joe Edward

Aunt Sandy feeding one of the baby goats.

Mommy and Reed

Silly Billy freezing his tushy off.

One of Grandma's dairy cows.

Reed and one of the cute baby goats.

Reed and Daddy looking very cold.

Grandma's sheep

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Kelly said...

Loved ALL the pictures! We had goats until a few months ago. The little babies are always so cute. Our cows are beef cattle rather than dairy.

Really cute hat Reed has on!