Friday, January 9, 2009

6 Months Old!

Can you believe that Reed is already 6 months old? I can't . He is supposed to be my little baby forever. He went to the dr. today and weighed 16 lbs. and was 25inches long. He is still in the 50% for his weight and 25% for his head and height. He is developing right on track. He will be starting finger foods and using a cup now, so that should be fun. He also said that he can see some teeth on their way. Most likely popping up in a couple of weeks. Reed is almost sitting on his own, but he is such a mover and shaker that he can't do it alone yet. We had Christmas again with my parents when they came to visit the start of this month. We took Reed to the zoo and had lots of fun all hanging out. Nana and Pawpaw really enjoyed loving on the man. I have attached a TON a pictures with some captions. Enjoy and I hope you all have a blessed new year.
"Yum, yum, Can I help too?"

"More presents? Thanks Nana."

"I love books with Mommy."

" This box is WAY bigger than me.I wonder what is inside."

"Did you really put those on my head?"

"Paw paw, Mommy and Me, Ha ,now I am not the only one with a bow."

"This is how my doggies chew on mine and daddy's socks."

"Tasty toe jam."

"I was in deep thought, gazing out the window."

"Oh hi mommy I didn't see you there watching me."

The next several pictures are a run down of several of Reed's expressions. He is so much fun right now. And I still can't believe that he is ALL MINE. I may just eat him alive one day.

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Pam said...

OK, I agree, he is DEFINITELY edible!! I'll be he also still have incredibly sweet 'neck sugar'!

Those eyes are amazing!

Give him a kiss for his aunt, great-aunt or whatever Aunt Pammy I am!!

You have every reason to be proud of that big-ole-hunk-a-love!!!~

Happy Six Months, Reed!!!