Thursday, June 2, 2011

Texas Trip

So, we headed to TX a week or so again. We had lots of fun seeing family and friends. Nick and I even spent some time alone. We drove on Thursday to Dallas to see Nicks' sister Sandy and hubby Josh and sweet cousin Mac and new cousin Gus. Sorry no pics of Gus. I guess when I had my hands on him I was not even thinking about pics, bc he was so super yummy.
We went to diner at a fun place that had a sprinkler park. Reed ran and ran around the water. To say the least he did not want to stop to eat.

On Friday we took the boys to the park, where they had dumped some huge piles of mulch. Tractor loving Reed was super glad he had a tractor to help spread it. Mac even got in the spirit, to bad we only had one tractor to share.
On Friday night we stayed with our friends Matt, Yvette , and Abigail. For some reason I never got my camera out. But Yvette made yummy dinner, then us ladies went to see a late movie after the kids where in bed. Who knows what the daddy's did??

On Sat. morning we drove down to New Braunfels TX to meet my mom, dad, brother and his girlfriend for a couple of fun days at Schilterbahn. It was Reed's first water experience of the summer.

My dad, Nick, and Lauren swung on this crazy 4 story high swing thing. My stomach hurt watching. They are crazy!

On Sunday afternoon my mom and dad took Reed back to College Station with them. Nick and I checked into a bed and breakfast. We floated the Gaudalupe river, ate yummy food, and visited historic Gruene, TX.

On Tuesday we headed to College Station to see our boy and spend a couple more days with my fam. They had a yummy fish fry with fish that my dad and Nick caught.

On Thursday morning Reed got to go fishing for the first time. Pop pop caught one, but Reed quickly told him to put it back.

It was a great trip. Thanks to all the family and friends that let us stay and put up with us. We love you all.

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Rosebud said...

We had so much fun -- especially me. I loved our girl's late night out. Best movie :)