Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How I deck my halls...

Welcome, Many of you fellow family and friends have asked about our Christmas decorations so here is the short rundown on the decor this year. I have asked Nick if we can leave it up all year???? I am sure you can guess the answer.

This is Nick and I's memory wreath. All the ornaments on it have a special meaning and memory. Most of them are from trips we have taken. But you will also see pets, and hobbies, and pregnancy ones too.

This is another tradition I started last year with Reed. I make something out of his hands or foot prints. Last year we made this reindeer. This year we made ? I can't tell bc they are gifts for Grandmas. I am sure when he is 18 and I am making him to hand print art with me it won't go over as well as this year.

My big tree. It is real and has a candy theme. I received the very fun train around the bottom as a birthday gift this year. Reed and I love it.

The mantel has extra jumbo pieces of candy on it and lots of fun ribbon with the greenery.

I made us all new stockings this year. Love them.

This is Reed's memory wreath. It doesn't have as much as Nick and I's does, but he has some special ornaments on there. One dinosaur straight from Washington D.C.s Smithsonian .

Reed has a little tree in his playroom. It has penguins and snowmen along with blue balls.

One of my fav Christmas things is the CARDS! This year in the new house we have a fab staircase that screamed tap cards to me this year. So I did. It is so fun to walk by and see all of our friends and family.

Oh and don't forget the elf on the shelf. He is watching and reporting to Santa. If you don't have one of these and you have a kido, you better go out and get one right now for next year.
I hope you enjoyed the tour! Smiles,Katie

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