Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

Last night we started the Easter festivities off with some egg decorating and dying. Reed destroyed his eggs as he decorated. They were sooooo pretty.

Easter morning the Easter Bunny left all kinds of goodies. He is saying "eggs" in the pic.

He dumped all the grass out of his basket and said, "oh no!" with a perfect O mouth.

We had a fab Easter, and well it's not even over yet. Reed was allllll about hunting eggs. He is a pro, a true hunter and gatherer. He loved the truck and train that the Easter Bunny left for him. We headed to the park for a picnic lunch and some kite flying. Then home to nap, and then playing in the backyard. The weather is beyond beautiful. The windows in our house have been open for days. All the trees and flowers are in bloom. I love fall, but I must say that Spring is coming in for a close second this year. Nick is making Easter shaped mac and cheese as I type and hamburgers for us grown ups. Oh and I am typing this sitting in my lovely treed backyard watching Reed push his new truck around. Enjoy the pics! And I hope everyone had a blessed Easter.

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Bradley, Marci, Carter, and Bailey Wunderlich said...

That is the cutest picture of you with the ears on Katie!