Monday, February 22, 2010

I love our zoo.

I love our zoo. It has great animals and is always a great day. This weekend the weather hit the 50's and we went crazy outside. Nick and I took Reed to the zoo. So here are a couple of pics of the day. Enjoy!
Reed is into birds right now, aka "Tweet tweets". This one attacked me through the screen moments after this picture, scared me to death.

Reed having a snack with a panda. Something we do all the time around here.

One of the greatest thing about our zoo is how close you can get to some amazing critters. This is with no zoom on the camera. Just a nose to nose interaction.

We have a new baby giraffe and OMG is she not the cutest thing ever. Well maybe not as cute as my baby.

I could just eat her up. MMM. giraffe meat. Probably not so tasty.

One again a fab animals at our our finger tips. Well he might eat our finger tips so maybe a little farther away.

The newest exhibit has Grizzly bear, and they are pretty entertaining. This one was climbing on the down tree and jumping up and down on it.


Kelly said...

I will agree that the Memphis Zoo is quite good. Wish they'd had that baby giraffe when we visited. Too cute!

Andy, Leigh, & Runyan said...

Is this from Saturday when I saw you? Cause I'm way jealous, the baby giraffe wasn't out when we went by.