Sunday, January 17, 2010

18 Months, Wow Wee!

Reed turned 18 months on the 5th, but he just went this past Friday for his check up. SOOO here I am back in the blogging world to give you an update on the main man. He weighed 22 lbs. HIs height, weight and head all hang around the 25%. His gross and fine motor skills are right on track. His communication skills are coming along. He recently started doing a lot more talking and signing.
Words he says: Dada,Daisy,train, truck, sock, tah dah, no, bye-bye, mama, nana, Nana
Words he signs: Please, milk, bird, fish, more, all done,
He Loves: playing trains, cars and trucks, looking at books, playing ball with Hemi, climbing on people and furniture, still loves music and is quite the dancer these days.
Loves to watch: yo Gabba Gabba, Handy Maney, Wonder Pets, Mickey Mouse Club house
Loves to eat: Chicken nuggets, Peas, green beans, mac and cheese, string cheese, ANY FRUIT, Goldfish crackers, Nutragrain bars
New things he is doing: Finally smiling for the camera some, being shy, playing with more kidos, climbing the stairs and coming down them better.

So there is the wrap up of Reed these days. Enjoy the pics. Some of which he smiled for on demand, too bad this wasn't happening last month for the Christmas cards.

Could his eyes be any bluer?

Trying wet cereal.

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