Thursday, July 9, 2009

Reed is 1 !

On Reed's birthday we spent the day having family fun. Daddy made his cake, we went swimming, and played with new toys. It was a great day. And mommy only cried once. I can't believe that he is one. We went to the doctor today. He weighs 21 lbs. He is in the 50% for his height and the 25% for his weight. He is sooooo close to walking. He takes about 5 or 6 steps at a time. We are pretty sure he is saying "dada". He loves Peas and pretty much any green veggie and any type of fruit. We will start the process of getting rid of the bottles now. Still can't beleive he is one.


Kelly said...


It looks like he had a wonderful birthday.

I'm pretty impressed with Nick's culinary skills. Did the cake taste as good as it looked?

Pam said...


What a fun birthday for mom and dad AND the birthday boy!!

Yep, any day now he'll take off and life will never be the same!! LOL!!!

He will have a whole new level of meddling at his beck and call! :)

Love the photos!

Claire said...

Happy First Birthday to Reed! yay!!

I love watching the video from my first birthday...i was pretty much in a daze, with my sister opening all my presents for me! hehehe

The cake looks good! Very impressed!

Elizabeth said...

Oh!! Happy Birthday, Reed!!!

Great pictures!I'm also impressed with the cake!