Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ruba dub dub

Here is a cute little snip of Reed in the tub. It was taken a couple weeks back before he could stand up. Now we are in and out of the tub because it is a battle of standing up the whole time. So we scrub and get out. No fun playtime for this phase. I hope it moves on soon. I want to play in the tub again.


Andy, Leigh, & Runyan said...

Hey Katie! I found your blog address on Facebook. Reed is so cute!

Claire said...

Hey McKinney's! This is Claire McKinney, you're cousin! (Mike's daughter). Anyway, I knew y'all lived in memphis and yesterday my friends and I were interviewed at the KRIS ALLEN parade in Conway, by FOX 13 in Memphis. (Kris' wife Katy is our sorority sister) The lady said if we were on, it would be on tuesday. So check me out in my 2 minutes of fame!