Thursday, February 19, 2009

Its a doggy dog world.... at our house.

As most of you know we have 3 dog children and one cat child in addtion to Reed. They were the loves of our lives before Reed came. Many people said that we would be giving them the boot after Reed arrived, and I agreed to disagree. Well here we sit 7 months later and guess who is right along Reed running the roost. Yep , that would be Daisy, Hemmingway and Schultz, oh and don't forget Hadley. Yes, a zoo you might call it. I do so many blogs about Reed that I thought that today would belong to the animals. So here is to you; my barking, shedding, slobbering , eat anything best compainions in the world. You guys love me more than any human ever will. Thank you and I love each and every naughty one of you. Even when I am saying "NO". Miss Daisy Red Ryder

Me and the whole troop on a hiking adventure

Daisy, Hemmingway, and Schultz

Schultz having a stare down with Hadley.

Miss Hadley Blue

Hemi and Reed months ago. (Hemi not that thrilled about him).

Hemi and Reed now, so very in love with each other.
Reed will sit on the couch and pet him and not even think about it.

Ummmm. Hemi getting a little carried away.

This is where you will find Daisy any morning until I make the bed. I have to literally pick her up out of the bed. (I feel so mean, every girl needs her beauty sleep.)


Kelly said...

Awwwww! I LOVE all the pictures!! I've been out of town for a week, so I'm just now seeing them.

Every little boy should have a dog (or two or three...)

Pam said...

Somehow I missed this one. Furkids are in the McKinney genes, I think!

Love your pack! I've got a 4-pack of furkids here (all males): 2 Shelties, a Beagle and 1 mini-Dachshund who thinks HE rules!

Toss human kids Connor (11) and Sam(9) into the mix.... my daughter Trish and I are waaaaaaaay outnumbered!