Thursday, December 18, 2008

Who Eats this Stuff???

Nick and I had a blast the last night decorating our Gingerbread house. Nick made the Gingerbread from scratch (of course). Then used a Bob Villa floor plan to build it. Then we both went to town decorating it. Here are the great pictures of our masterpiece. Notice the cute little Gingerbread Family. I think their names our Nick, Katie & Reed.

OMG Do you see the messy kitchen????


Yvette Bordelon said...

Next time we come to visit can we make another gingerbread house? Please.

Kelly said...

Nick (as in my brother) sent me the link to your blog tonight. I'm so glad he did! Now I can see all the cute pictures of Reed. He's really grown!

Love the gingerbread house! I'll have to look back at some of your older entries, too. Any pup pictures? (I have a weakness for dogs)

Pam said...

Look at the McKinney McGinger Mansion!! Love it!

That little man is adorable! Sure looks a lot like his papa!

Give him a kiss from his Aunt Pammy!

Looks like my brother is about to tie me with the number of grandkids!

Glad I found your blog! Drop by mine one of these days!

Todd said...

Hi Katie.

This is a response to the question you left on our blog ... We shoot stills with a
Canon Powershot SX 100 IS, and our videos will be shot with our new Kodak zi6 pocket camcorder.

Thanks for following our blog. Melissa says hi.